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Clinical Social Worker
JAC is a trans-genderqueer femme, queer, disabled radical activist and social worker. He provides trauma focused feminist therapy for transgender youth and young adults ages 12-30. His specialty is supporting those processing their gender and sexuality, and trauma survivors’ experiences with depression, bipolar moods, anxiety, self-harm, suicidality, disability, chronic pain, multiples/alters, dissociation, sexual assault, familial abuse, stalking, and intimate partner violence
He is body, sex, and kink positive, poly-inclusive, values accountability, and recognizes the intersectional impact of systematic oppression. He assists in accessing health care (including trans health care) and low/no income resources such as housing, employment, education, food, and public assistance. He helps trans people advocate for their rights and safety, provides trans-focused education, and works with parents, families, and guardians to better understand and support their trans loved ones.
JAC’s practice is centered on compassion, transparency, and recognizing the intersection of cultural oppressions including racism, sexism, cisgenderism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, sizeism, classism, ethnocentrism, religious imperialism, colonization, and medical gatekeeping. ​He’s committed to servant leadership and has a strong passion for building spaces for LGBTQPIA2S+ community to come together. He knows that trans and queer people are strongest when they are together, being there for each other in ways no one else can. Whatever a person’s reasons for wanting or needing support, JAC strives to foster a comforting safer space where they feel validated and heard.​​
JAC has served as a social justice community organizer and educator for almost 20 years, with a focus on trans wellness and community building, genderqueer femme identities, trauma survivors, and accessibility resources. He strives to create visibility and resources for Midwestern trans communities with the heart of his work surrounding trans youth and young adults. His work history spans social justice organizing, direct services, therapy, clinical social work, community education, healthcare advocacy, and artistic activism.
In 2008, he founded the Midwest’s first multi-state trans wellness organization, Heartland Trans Wellness Group, where he served as Executive Director and Program Director for seven years. His program models targeting isolated trans and queer populations have been adopted in multiple Midwestern cities and he is an established social justice educator on trans activism and depathologizing, harm reductive trans healthcare. He has served in leadership positions in several organizations including The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, FemmeCon, GLSEN, Advocates for Youth, and the International Drag King Community Extravaganza, volunteers locally with the Teen TIGERRS youth group, and facilitates a support group for trans health and wellness providers.
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